Our reports show the emerging thinking of the Panel whilst the research papers highlight the contributions of others in response to the complex challenges to local governance.


The Review is taking place in three stages, with a report presented to the Minister of Local Government following each stage. These reports are: the interim report, the draft report and recommendations, and the final report.

Interim Report

September 2021


The following research papers directly relate to our lines of inquiry and are essential in helping shape the Review. Please note that this research may not necessarily always reflect the views and recommendations of the Panel.

Rethinking democracy – and why local government is the best place to start.

An exploration into the local government-central government relationship.

The role of local governance in governing for intergenerational wellbeing.

Structures and roles for enabling local authorities to maximise their contributions to community wellbeing and adapt to meet future challenges.

Civic innovation and local government futures.

How would local government arrangements need to change to promote tino rangatiratanga/mana motuhake?

Four key points to the Panel of the Review into the Future for Local Government.

Rangatiratanga, Citizenship and a Crown that is ‘Māori too’: Boldness and the Future of Local Government.

Using citizens' assemblies to make big decisions in Aotearoa.

McGuinness Institute discussion paper - Future for Local Government workshop.

A path to subsidiarity.

Collaborative models report.

Study into the principles of a high quality tax and revenue system