Review into
the Future for
Local Government

Over the next 30 years, New Zealand will change a great deal.

These changes will bring new challenges and opportunities to local governance.

The country will have a larger, more diverse population and technology will change the way we live and work. Climate change will require us to adapt and reshape our economy and lives. The Treaty of Waitangi partnership will move into a new phase with an increasing focus on enduring, mutually beneficial relationships.

All of these trends have local impacts and will require local responses, meaning that effective local governance is critical to New Zealanders’ wellbeing, now and into the future.

This independent Ministerial review is an opportunity to create a new system of local governance and democracy that will effectively respond to a changing New Zealand and create conditions for communities to thrive.

The interim report (Ārewa ake te Kaupapa) sets out the broad direction and priority questions for the review in order to support engagement about the future of local governance and democracy.

You’ll also find early opportunities that address current challenges facing local government. This work will lead to a further report with draft recommendations in 2022.

The executive summary includes all the most important information from the interim report and is presented in a shorter format.

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We’re seeking ideas about how local governance and democracy can be improved.

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